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Master Sensei Gary Davis

With over 23 Years of Kickboxing experience, Sensei Gary Davis has reached the grade of 5th degree black belt (Master grade) in Kickboxing and Black Belt in Aikido.  He is a certified Instructor with the Cobra Martial Arts Association and the BAB (British Aikido Board). Gary formed Kaizen Academy of Martial Arts in 2007 and Teaches both Adults and Childrens classes.


Marc has over 14 Years Martial Arts experience. He has achieved his 3rd Dan Black Belt under Sensei Gary Davis, and also holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo under Grand Master Jalal Hyder Khan. Marc has been training at Kaizen since 2010 and instructing at the Adult and Childrens classes since 2017.


Sensei Marc Jenkins

Sensei Anna Sukwong-Fletcher

Anna started her Martial arts journey at the young age of 13 and has a vast amount of experience in the Martial arts world culminating as a two-time World Champion as well as many national gold medals in ITF Taekwondo. She attained her Taekwondo Black Belt at the tender age of 17 and Instructors certificate a few years afterwards. Adding to her experience Anna has also trained Muay Thai and Kickboxing. She leads the classes with energy, fun and lots of experience, touching on the traditional form of Taekwondo and developing it into our Kickboxing routines.

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